What is the source of the good feelings in man that enables him to reach the truth?

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What is the source of the good feelings in man that enables him to reach the truth?
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Man cannot know what is better for him since he cannot know the future. He can make a decision by consulting people who have enough knowledge about the issue and who have taqwa. Besides, the feeling of consciousness in man leads him to the truth. 

The soul has two main features or powers:

1. Mind: The mind is a power that is present in the spirit; it directs all of the conscious activities. The mental aspect of the spirit is the one that thinks and knows, understands the guiding aspects of the evidence, acquires information, knows that it is the one that knows by thinking and understanding, remembers, makes judgments by classifying information, wishes and decides.

2. Conscience: It is also called the eye of the heart, or foresight or only heart. It is the feeling of justice and mercy that Allah has placed in the spirit, and it is a motive given by Allah.   

It is a natural ability and power of the spirit that distinguishes the good from the bad. It is the orientation and commitment of the spirit toward the truth and goodness, and it is a kind of looking at the truth; it is the hatred against evil and bad deeds. It is the source of deep feelings like mercy, feeling sorry when faced by injustice and bad deeds, rejoicing when faced by good deeds; it is an aspect of the spirit that is called conscience.

The Prophet (pbuh) stated that the conscience would be disturbed by bad deeds and sins as follows:

"Al-Birru (good deeds and worshipping) is high ethics; al-ithmu (sins and bad deeds) is what pricks your conscience, what disturbs and perturbs you and what you do not want others to know." (Sahihu'l-Muslim bi Sharhi'n Nawawi, Chapter 16, 111; Beirut, 1972/1392).

The body needs water and food so that it will not catch diseases, will survive and not die; similarly, the conscience needs belief in Allah, His prophets and the Day of Judgment so that it will remain intact and not die. In addition, it is necessary to keep the conscience away from immorality and bad deeds in order to maintain its spotlessness and purity. The conscience is made to know the truth and goodness by being equipped it with and strengthened by belief in and worshipping Allah, training its self and deep experience. Wrong beliefs, bad traditions and customs, bad environment and sins affect the conscience in a negative way. A hardened and rusty spirit that has not been trained through good deeds and virtues and an elastic and blind conscience will not recognize the truth and goodness and they will not feel a deep prick. Anesthetics and intoxicants remove the feelings of the senses; similarly, getting used to bad deeds by neglecting the conscience and to rebel against it by opposing its inclinations and judgments will weaken and gradually kill the conscience. The following verse indicates it:  

“By no means! But on their hearts is the stain of the (ill) which they do." (al-Mutaffifin, 83/14).

Angels will help the conscience of a person who believes in Allah and the truth by suggesting good things and inspiring his spirit. The Prophet (pbuh) stated the following:

"Some things emerge in the heart of man due to the devil and angels. What the devil suggests is evil and denying the truth. What the angels suggest is goodness, good deeds and testifying the truth. Those who find some good things in their hearts should know that they come from Allah; therefore, they should praise Allah. Those who find some bad things in their hearts should take refuge in Allah from the devil." (Mansur Ali Nafis, at-Taj, IV, 69, Ist. 1382).

Allah stated the following:

“No authority has he over those who believe and put their trust in their Lord." (an-Nahl, 16/99).

It is necessary to believe in Allah who is al-Alim (the Knower of All), al-Hakim (the Perfectly Wise), al-Qadir (the All-Powerful) and al-Qayyum (the Self-Existing One), His Prophet and the Day of Judgment in order to satisfy the spirit, to soothe it and to protect it from crises. A spirit that does not turn toward an eternal life and that does not believe cannot have real happiness.

Belief is the voice of the conscience, the soother of the troubles of the heart, the remedy for the sorrows, the filler of the gaps in the conscience with the truth and the one that calls the mind and consciousness to the truth.

The conscience, which is a property of the human spirit, knows the truth and the wrong, the good and the evil and distinguishes between them. It feels happy and relaxed when it sees good deeds. It is disturbed and annoyed by bad deeds; it feels distressed due to unbelief and loses itself completely.  

(Muhiddin BAĞÇECİ)

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