Can Angels and Satans direct the actions of men?

Man consists of matter and spirit in terms of creation. His material aspect consists of his body, which is his physical appearance, and its natural needs; his spiritual aspect consists of his spirit, whose true nature cannot be known, and his mind. Allah has given man two kinds of feelings as a result of that nature.  

The first one is lofty feelings related to man’s spiritual aspects; they lead man to spiritual and lofty life.

The second one is mean feelings related to man’s material and physical aspect. If man submits to those feelings unconditionally, his spiritual aspect weakens, becomes kind of materialized and mean.

Two kinds of creatures were created in the universe corresponding to those two kinds of feeling in man: angels and satans.

Angels arouse lofty feelings in man and inspire him to do good deeds. Satans arouse the mean feelings in man and want to lead him to evil deeds.

The issue is stated s follows in a hadith:

“Human heart is exposed to pressure and inspiration from two aspects. One of them is from the angel; it expresses good things and approves the truth. Whoever has it in his heart should know that it is from Allah and should thank Allah.

The other inspiration is from the satan; it arouses bad deeds, denies the truth and tries to prevent man from doing good deeds. Whoever has it in his heart should take refuge in Allah from the evil of the satan.”

Then, anybody who wants to be elevated spiritually and who wants to develop spiritually should silence the mean and bad feelings that Satan arouses in him and should strive against Satan.

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