Can God’s nature be comprehended by man’s mind?

First, it must be understood well that to know the existence of something and to know its nature are separate things. There are so many things in the universe that mind cannot grasp their nature even though it knows their existence clearly.

For instance; man has no idea about the nature of gravity although he knows gravity, law of physics, even he is dependent on that law. Again, no one has any idea about what a sense of compassion like, which we understand its existence with mothers embracing her child. Just as the existence of the matters such as spirit, electricity, dream are evident truths, so too that their natures are not known is a truth at the same degree.

To be compelled to understand and explain the issues, which may not be understood by mind, are demagogy and ignorance. With this kind of approach, man deviates from the lane of right thinking and shoulders a heavy burden, which he may not tackle and which, will result in his own destruction.

Just as a work cannot comprehend and understand its master, so mind is also incapable of understanding its Creators nature. Because mind is created and is a work of art and limited. Just as seeing, hearing, and briefly five senses have a limited field of perception, so mind also has a particular field of understanding and limited power of perception. To comprehend and understand God Almighty’s Holy Nature are out of perception and penetration field of mind.

This is a known truth that man cannot grasp even the nature of his own spirit, dream, conscience; let alone God’s Essence. Owing to the fact that these features we count are not corporeal; mind cannot give a shape to them. For instance; for imagination, mind cannot shape and draw a limit to them in view of the fact that length-shortness, largeness-smallness are out of question for them. However, no man can deny this sense whose nature is unknown.

Being unable to know his own nature, mans being forced to understand the Holy Nature of God, Who is the Creator of minds, dreams, feelings, conscience, memories and angels, is the greatest ignorance and demagogy.

All of God’s Attributes are endless, unlimited, and eternal. However, reason is limited and has been created later. The limited one cannot surely grasp the unlimited one; One having beginning and end cannot grasp the eternal one as well. In its real sense, comprehension and right perception are that man understands and comprehends that he is unable to perceive God’s Nature.

Man’s mind is inclined to go to the unknown one from the known one, to the abstract from the concrete, to the difficult from the easy, to the general from the specific. God Almighty has no partner and is unique; how will man be able to find a way to understand God’s Holy Truth by means of comparison and analogy, experiment and experience, thinking and imagination?

Reasons comprehension of God’s Nature requires the contradiction logically too. Because; in that case, the limited one needs to cover the unlimited one and the one existing later needs to contain the one that has no beginning. However, this is impossible. Reason is accountable to know God Whose existence is essential, whose might is unlimited, whose will is endless and whose knowledge surrounds everything. Anyway, this is the aim of its creation as well. In that case, God’s Holy Nature can be neither comprehended, imagined; nor felt. Everything that is understood by mind and perceived by senses is creature. God’s Existence is seen only by the light of mind and is perceived only by the intuition of heart in this world.

Yes, the duty of mind is to observe and think deeply about God’s Greatness and Highness reflected in the universe, His Might and Rule, His Unlimited Aesthetic Design on things He created, His Kindness and Assist to His Servants.

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A fascinating essay. The author has dealt with a difficult subject so well.
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