Why human mind is incapable of resolving arguments in metaphysic field?

It is so natural that a man cannot conceive his Rab’s (Cherisher and Sustainer) eternal attributes while he is not even be able to conceive of a man’s knowledge, which is more intellectual than he is.It is so natural that a man cannot conceive his Rabs (Cherisher and Sustainer) eternal attributes while he is not even be able to conceive of a mans knowledge, which is more intellectual than he is.

Absolute reality cannot be comprehended by restricted views. (Words, 25. word)

Let us first look at the words of this brilliant aphorism. Absolute means infinite and unrestricted. Restricted on the other hand is limited and bounded. View means mind in this specific aphorism. Finally, comprehension means understanding truly.

Mind is a creature (it is created). Every creation is determined and limited. The Might that created our eyes to see, feet to walk, hands to hold, stomach to digest also created our minds to understand and to get knowledge. Just as our brains, our conception and knowledge are limited. It is only possible to reach to a certain point with that knowledge; exceeding limits is impossible.

Just as ones hand is incompetent of turning this universe, mind is long way off knowing its creator truly. It is impossible to comprehend to the full extent of Allahs (swt) eternal attributes with a limited mind.

As yet not capable of knowing the true nature of his own mind, attempting to comprehend Allah (swt) with that of a limited mind is if nothing at least transgression. And it is deviating from the true way. Surely, understanding is one, believing is another thing. Believing is a matter of heart.

Mind cannot comprehend eternity but heart can make you believe in it and can love it infinitely. The ones who do not make use of eternity mine in their hearts become captives of their minds and this captivity makes them slaves of their bodily appetites and then of matter and nature.

Human sight is incapable of seeing the realm of microbes or stars far away. In the same way there are some transcendent and encapsulated realities which human mind cannot comprehend. These realities exceed the limits of human mind. Mind only knows their existence; when it tries to conceive all the hows, wherefores and quantities of those, it accepts the misapprehensions in advance. This kind of mind is no more a tool of conceiving instead becomes a tool of negation.

The ones, who trust their minds and accept it as the only criterion, find denial easier when the things are not comprehended and escape from thinking.

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