Is speaking about fate dangerous?

There is a common belief among people which says to speak of fate is dangerous. This understanding has great fallacy.

There are so many works written about fate, will power, and the actions of men. To speak of them is at least means studying a branch of knowledge and it can by no means be prohibited. However, fate has an aspect that human reasoning cannot comprehend the subtlety in it, i.e. diseases, calamities, natural disasters that kill many innocent people In this field, man cannot reach a conclusion however hard he may think. The Satan abuses his impotence and despair as much as possible and makes him suspicious about divine justice.

The Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) reminded his companions that the most of previous nations were led astray for having false beliefs about fate, and prohibited them to dwell on the subtle and profound mysteries of fate.

Here is a wonderful saying on fate from the Risale-i Nur Collection: The absolute truth cannot be grasped with limited mind.

That is, human mind is limited and finite whereas Divine truths are absolute and infinite. The limited mind cannot grasp and comprehend the infinite wisdoms of fate. Most debates with regard to fate take place on this point. To speak tactlessly of this point brings nothing but harm. And moreover prohibited!

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