What is the order of the creation of beings (the universe, angels, jinn, human beings,..)?

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What is the order of the creation of beings? The answer included the following choices: The spirit of the Prophet – the universe -angels - plants - animals - jinn – human beings.

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The order above is correct. The first thing that was created is the light of the Prophet (pbuh). The other beings were created from this light; finally, human beings were created.

The Prophet (pbuh) states the following order about the creation of the world and what is in it: Land, mountains, trees, animals, Hz. Adam. [Muslim, Sifatul-Qiyamah 27, (2789)]

As it can be seen, there is a logical order in the creation of things. Land was created first followed by mountains, plants and animals; human beings were created in the last place. It is seen from this order that the real target, that is, the purpose of the creation of the universe, is human beings. For, a tree is planted for its fruits. Fruit is the last product of the tree. After the phases of seed, sprout, sapling, tree, leaves and flower comes fruit. 

We can say that this hadith explains the simile the earth being a cradle for human beings (Taha, 20/53). For, the cradle is prepared for the baby beforehand in a way that will be appropriate for his growth.

The creation of mountains paved the way for the creation of trees and plants. Plants paved the way for the creation animals; the existence of plants and animals paved the way for the creation of human beings. Human life is dependent upon their existence.

Some scholars interpret it as follows: "Allah has the power to create everything simultaneously but He created them in phases in order to teach us to act cautiously and do things in steps and soundly." (Prof. Dr. İbrahim CANAN, Kütüb-ü Sitte, VI/383)

Since jinn existed before Hz. Adam, it is understood that jinn were created before human beings.

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