What is the most effective way and solution to prevent Israel’s oppression?

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The Quran and common sense show that the way to stop the enemy is material and spiritual power.

Spiritual power is belief, ethics, science, dedication, preferring the hereafter to the world, devotion and trust in the cause, and belief in the promise that “Allah will help those who help Him by following His instructions”...

Starting with ourselves and our closest ones, we should stick to the deeds of worship we call piety (taqwa) and righteous deeds (amal salih) that will make Allah be pleased with us.

In addition, we should call for unity and solidarity at the level of individuals, communities and nations by attaching importance to the elements that will lead to our unity, not to the simple things that are the means of separation among us.

Yes, Allah, who is our Lord, our Creator and our Sustainer, has made us brothers with His a thousand and one names. Our Prophet (pbuh) is one, our book is one, our qiblah is one, and we should consider our hundreds of means of unity and solidarity.

We should realize that the things that separate us from one another, such as race, community, state and sect (madhhab) do not actually bring us separation, but enrichment like the parts of the body.  

Material power in our age is economic power, all kinds of broadcasting and military power. The most decisive is the possession of nuclear weapons. If one country has nuclear weapons and the other does not, the one that has is stronger.

If Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Pakistan and Egypt established a defense pact, economic, military and geostrategic power would be obtained. It seems that this will not happen immediately under the current circumstances.

What can be done?

It is important and necessary to use the most appropriate means to warn Muslims, to make them aware of the games and tricks being played against Islam and Muslims, to draw the attention of world public opinion to the oppression and what is happening, and to continue to do so.

Asking Muslim individuals to boycott Israeli products does not help much because after a certain period of time, such methods are forgotten and lose their effectiveness.

We believe that if the Islamic countries - on a state level - cut off their commercial and economic relations with Israel, it would be the most effective in terms of conjuncture. It has long been stated by those who are aware of the issue that there are large sums of Gulf States’ money in Israeli banks. The leaders of those countries make speeches, but they have been providing great support to Israel with their money for a long time.

The peoples should not only condemn Israel, but also put pressure on their own rulers for a commercial and economic embargo.

It is a duty of the Muslims to provide all kinds of aid to the Palestinian people who resist despite the great loss of property and lives.

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