What should the role of administrators in terms of realizing the unity of ummah (Muslim community)?

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What should the role of administrators in terms of realizing the unity of ummah (Muslim community)?

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There are important duties for every believer in order to realize the unity of ummah; and in this task sharing, a considerable amount of responsibility belongs to the governors. However, the relationship between task groups is a chain cause-effect relationship; if there is a disconnection, no result can be achieved.

Scholars and opinion leaders should tell the importance of “crucial importance of the unity of ummah” to the people they can influence and thereby make the consciousness and ambition of the unity to settle. Now that it is people and their real representatives who elect the governors, they will not elect racists, separatists, ignorant and unwary people who are collaborators of unity enemies for important positions, especially for presidency. Even if they do so by mistake, they will change them without delay.

Thus, the administrators who want to keep their post will have to act in accordance with the belief and the demand of the public, without forgetting them even for a moment.

Scholars and opinion leaders will be alert on the actions that will harm the unity of ummah, give the warning in time and they will wake the ones who do not obey up using the moral authority  they have and will take the legitimate precautions in order to correct the ones who go astray.

To sum up, this cause-effect chain must work uninterruptedly and without a problem in order to get a result.

Now that the topic is administrators, let us take notes of what comes to mind about the things they can do;

Right-minded, competent administrators who are supporters of the unity of ummah must be strongly knowledgeable about the reasons, solutions and obstacles of unity and benefit from the experts and intelligence as much as possible.

Senior administrators should know Arabic and English to be able to talk directly to their counterparts in the Islamic world and get in touch with them. Interpreters can be used when needed, but this cannot replace direct speech and negotiation.

In the first step, political union should not be the first target; the whole Islamic world’s being one homeland and one state should not be the first target. There are hundreds of steps to be taken for the union without a change in the political status of existing national states:

1. Contacts, exchange of ideas and negotiations should be had as frequently as possible.

2. Intelligence sharing should be done.

3. Defense cooperation agreements should be made.

4. Economic and trade relations should be maximized.

5. In the first step, a hard currency to be used among Islamic countries should be invented.

6. Science and technologysharing must be done.

7. An arbitration committee among Islamic countries should be constituted in order to solve the natural or planned baits, conflicts and prevent relations from being damaged.

8. “Islamic peace force” should be formed to bring the ones who go astray to reason and to defend and protect the ones who are attacked.

9. A joint military power ready to help one another should be formed in order to stop the imperialists who kill the administrators working for the union, set Islamic countries against one another through intelligence services, apply double standard in international relations and law, use power to discipline the Islamic countries that get out of their supervision and administration, and rely on their military force primarily nuclear power; this joint military power should be at least equal to and ideally superior to them.

10.  No conflict and rivalry should be allowed in any issue especially  primarily about leadership. On the contrary, competing in order to do good deeds, considering the most benevolent and the most beneficial thing as the most valuable thing should be adopted as a principle.

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