What is Makruh? Could you shortly describe it?

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What is Makruh? Could you shortly describe it?
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Makruh (abominable) means acts which are religiously unacceptable and are asked to be quitted and which are better to be uncommitted than committed.

Makruh, according to Hanafi school, is divided into two types.

The first type of makruh is close to haram, that is, makruh tahrimi (strictly abominable), for example quitting a deed that is wajib ( religiously obligatory). Not committing this type of makruh causes to earn thawab (reward for good deeds) whereas there is a possibility for the committer to be punished.

The second type of makruh is close to halal, that is, makruh tanzihi ( religiously lawful or permitted), for instance quitting  the sunnah and regular manners of prayer. Quitting this type of makruh does not cause one to earn thawab while committing does not cause punishment but disapproval.

According to Shafi’i school, there is only one type of makruh. It is what Sharia wants to be quitted without a firm and binding statement. The quitter is praised, earns thawab but the committer is not disparaged or punished.

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