What is Hajar al-Muallaq (Floating Stone)? Is it in the air now? I could not find enough information about the stone that rose when the Prophet (pbuh) stepped on it.

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Hajar al-Muallaq, which means, Floating Stone, is in Qubbatus-Sahra. This is the rock from which the Prophet (pbuh) is regarded to have ascended to the sky on the night of Miraj (Ascension). The widest part of this rock is 18 meters and the narrowest part is 13.5 meters. There are eleven steps in order to go down into the rock. The inside of the rock is a place that is about 1.5 meters high; its width is 4.5 meters; its length is also 4.5 meters. When you look at the ceiling from inside, it looks as if it is floating; therefore, it is called Hajar al-Muallaq.

Along with being the stone from which the Prophet (pbuh) ascended to the sky on the night of Miraj, it is also believed that this is the stone that Hz. Ibrahim used in order to slaughter his son.  

Its being completely in the air is contrary to the secret of testing. For, everybody would have to believe in the face of such a test. However, it is the necessity of testing to open the door to the mind, not to show it one obligatory direction and to present different choices.

Nevertheless, if this piece of rock known as Floating Stone remained in the air without any support, it would not be something astonishing. For, it is not difficult for the Being that makes hundreds and thousands of globes float in the air in the universe without any support and that make some of them turn seventy thousand times faster than a cannon ball to make it float in the air. As a matter of fact, the earth, on which we stand, is in the air.

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