What is the food of spirit?

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What is the food of spirit?
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Our body needs food; similarly, our spirit needs food. The most important food of spirit is a sound belief and after that worship.

Worship enablesour belief to strengthen and our ethics to maturate. The fruit of the tree of belief that feeds on worship is high ethics. The light of belief glitters in the heart of a person who continues worshipping and the feeling of responsibility settles. Thanks to worshipping, we get rid of bad thoughts and the stains of sins. Besides, a Muslim gains the love of other people by fulfilling his financial worship.

We need to eat and drink as we live; similarly, we need to worship and receive spiritual food as we live. Allah states the following in the Quran:

"And serve thy Lord until there come unto thee the Hour that is Certain." (al-Hijr, 15/99)

Thanks to worship, a believer gets rid of the material bonds of the world and ascends spiritually; the barriers in front of him disappear and the illuminated way of the land of endless bliss opens to him. Worship, which is the indication of our belief and the food of our spirit, strengthens our belief; it makes us a mature believer with ethics and virtues by clearing us from bad thoughts and the stains of sins. Thus, it becomes a means of attaining peace in the world, getting rid of torture in the hereafter and reaching the endless and happy life in Paradise for us.   

Human life becomes meaningful based on fulfilling the duty of servitude toward Allah. The kinds of worship that Allah wants us to perform aim to prevent our human aspect from rusting and to keep it shining.

Man is made up of both a body and a spirit; therefore, harmonious progress and balanced development necessitate showing equal care and attention to both aspects.

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