What is the conditions to be a martyr?

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How is it possible for a person carrying out a suicide mission, to receive 71 virgins? Heaven is the holiest place. Would God turn heaven into a whorehouse? Thank you for your insight.
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As you know, dying of Moslems for the sake of their religion, lives, assets, and generation means they become martyrs.
There are hadiths that express that those who get killed for their religion, goods, and lives become martyrs.
As for the issues which are debated mostly in Islamic world such as committing suicide for the sake of one’s native country, religion, sacred things: Are they regarded as suicide or martyrdom? We see two different approaches; one: it is a suicide, two: it is not. Our opinion and conclusion is as follows:
1- We are not aware of both the intentions and the inner world of the people and since we are responsible for having good opinion for anybody. Therefore, when we consider of their sacrificing of their lives in the name of religion and country, it is understood that this event is not committing suicide but martyrdom.
2- According to our religion one of the requirements of the war is the rule “War could be made against those who fight and participate in.”
When we look at the suicide incidents, we see this rule of war to be violated from time to time. It is observed that such attacks are aimed at people who do not fight against them, women and children. Yet, such a situation could cause Islam to be misunderstood as a terrorist religion slaughtering innocent people even the children.
Thus, it is nice and all right for someone to sacrifice himself for the sake of the religion and country. However, this activity must be done only against those who participate in the war according to our religion. It is not suitable to be done against innocent people. Therefore, we deem this assessment suitable instead of making a final decision. Allah knows the best.
Those who sacrifice themselves for the sake of Allah are given a rank of martyrdom and get into Heaven. Houris and other bounties will be given to everybody who enters Heaven and it is not exclusively for the martyrs.
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