What can we do in order to enliven again in the month of the Quran thanks to the Quran?

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Even those who are away from the Quran for a year try hard to drink from the divine speech in the luminous season of Ramadan with serious thirst because one of the traditional deeds performed in a widespread manner everywhere in this month of forgiveness is muqabala (recital of the Quran by one person and listening to it by others usually by looking at the Quran).

Jibril (Gabriel) came to the Messenger of Allah (pbuh) in the month of Ramadan every year, and according to a narration every night in Ramadan, in order to preserve the Quran in the way it was sent down by Allah, to determine the order of the verses and chapters correctly and to check it. The Messenger of Allah (pbuh) recited the verses of the Quran to Jibril and then listened to them from him.

This mutual recitation of the Quran by the Messenger of Allah and Jibril is called "muqabala". Believers formed a nice habit of reciting "muqabala" in mosques and houses and reading the whole Quran in Ramadan as a sign of respect to that blessed memoir since the Quran was sent down in Ramadan and it was given as a glad tiding that reading the Quran in Ramadan would be rewarded many times more than other times.

The righteous Muslims of the first era regarded reading the whole Quran once a month as the lower limit of loyalty toward the Quran and stated that those who did not read the whole Quran at least once a month would be regarded to have been disloyal to it and to have abandoned it. Therefore, we should form the habit of reading the whole Quran at least once a month by benefitting from the blessed days of Ramadan so that it will be a beginning for us and we will be loyal to the divine speech from now on.

In fact, those who do not know the Quran should always try to learn and understand it and those who know it should do their best to teach and to explain it correctly, and to spread its recital and understanding. For, it was sent by Allah’s mercy as a gift to human mind and understanding so that it would be understood and explained. It is both a duty and gratitude to learn to read and understand it; it is an expression of respect and loyalty to teach and explain it to the hearts that need its light.

Therefore, if we do not know to read the Quran, we should seek ways of learning it using the month of Ramadan as a means. If we can read the divine speech but cannot understand it, we should refer to a translation of the Quran with the explanations of some verses, or even better, to read a good tafsir book and benefit from this month of the Quran. We should turn toward the Quran heartily by following the righteous Muslims of the first era, open the doors of our hearts wide for the divine speech and make efforts that fit the holiness of Ramadan "in order to understand what God Almighty wants from His own speech".

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