Is a person who can read the Qoran regarded to have done a khatm (complete recitation of the Qoran) by observing and following someone recite it, or a person who cannot read the Qoran by listening to someone recite it? Is a person regarded to have done a

"Some people say the khatm of the Qoran can only be done by reciting it personally."

The first rehearsing of the Qoran was made by our Prophet (PBUH) and Jibril in the form of one of them reciting and the other listening. In the hadith the rehearsing of the Qoran by our Prophet (PBUH) and Jibril is referred to as "recite reciprocally". The translator of Bukhari, Ayni, explains it as follows:

"Our Prophet and Jibril used to recite the Qoran reciprocally. This reciting was continued by hafizes of the Qoran (hafiz: a person who memorized the whole Qoran). One of them would recite, say, ten verses and the other would listen, and then vice versa; it was a reciprocal reciting."(1)

Today in our mosques and masjids one or more hafizes recite a juz (20 pages) every day; the Muslims who can read the Qoran observe and follow it from the Qoran, those who do not, just listen to it. On the last day of Ramadan the thirtieth juz is recited and so a khatm is done.

Here not only the hafizes that recite the Qoran but also the people who observe and follow it and also those who listen to it regularly for a month are regarded to have done a khatm and acquire rewards from Allah. (2)

As for listening to the Qoran from a tape or video, some say it will not be regarded as a khatm. However, these devices can be used to help us recite the Qoran correctly. People who listen to the Qoran using these devices should learn to recite the Qoran in time and try to do khatm themselves.

However, since the Qoran is saintly, we hope that those who observe, follow and listen to it from a tape, radio, computer or television will acquire the reward of khatm.

For instance the reflections of the sunlight in the mirror, its heat and colors have the same properties as the sun. Similarly, the recitation of the Qoran by reflecting them in different devices can have its properties.

1. Umdatu'l-Kari, 1:75.
2. Mehmed Paksu Çağın Getirdiği Sorular

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