What are the wisdoms behind performing prayers 5 times every day?

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What are the wisdoms behind performing prayers 5 times every day?
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In the morning, man is in a state as if he has started a new life and has had the body vitality necessary for the daily activities to earn his living. It is Allah who gives him this vitality and who will make him successful in his efforts to earn his living. Therefore, man is bound to perform the morning prayer in order to thank Him for the bounty of health He has granted and in order to receive help from Him in his worldly efforts.

Every day, from the morning to the evening, man benefits from the bounties of life, health and mind that Allah has given him. Thanks to these bounties, he becomes successful in worldly affairs. The noon and afternoon prayers were rendered fard so that man would thank for the achievements he obtains and so that these activities would be prevented from putting the spirit into heedlessness and gloom.

The evening prayer was rendered fard so that daily activities and efforts that are about to finish as the evening approaches would be ended through a spiritual worship and so that it would be a sign of gratitude for the profits and benefits obtained that day.

After that, man will enter the realm of sleep. Before arriving at this realm, which is a sample of death and which is regarded as a period of peace and relaxation, ending the day with a sacred worship, to proceed to that realm with divine pleasure and a spiritual awakening and to beg Allah for pardoning and mercy will be a sign of a nice ending; therefore, the night prayer is performed.  

On the other hand, there are 5 different phases in the life of both people and the other beings around people: being born, growing up, stagnating, getting old and dying.  

Corresponding to those phases, our Creator ordered us to perform 5 daily prayers so that we will establish a nice balance between our material and spiritual existence and our efforts. We cannot thank Him enough because he ordered us to perform such a worship that is sacred, material and that contains so many benefits.

The wisdom behind the division of prayers into 5 times a day is not limited to what we have mentioned above.

The following explanation of Badiuzzaman Said Nursi clarifies the issue:  

"Just as the second-hand, minute-hand, hour-hand, and day-hand of a clock which tells the weeks look to one another, are examples of one another, and follow one another, so too the revolutions of day and night, which are like the seconds of this world - a vast clock of Almighty God - and the years which tell its minutes, and the stages of man's life-span which tell the hours, and the epochs of the world's life-span which tell the days look to one another, are examples of one another, are like one another, and recall one another.

For example:

The time of Fajr, the early morning: This time until sunrise resembles and calls to mind the early spring, the moment of conception in the mother's womb, and the first of the six days of the creation of the heavens and earth; it recalls the Divine acts present in them…"

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