The Ninth Word: Why are the prayers (salat) performed five times a day? The explanation of each daily prayer in detail.

The Ninth Word

In the Name of Allah, the Merciful, the Compassionate.

So glorify Allah when you reach evening and when you rise in the morning; for all praise is His in the heavens and on earth, and towards the end of the day and when you have reached noon.1

Brother! You ask me concerning the wisdom in the specified times of the five daily prayers. I shall point out only one of the many instances of wisdom in the times.

Yes, like each of the times of prayer marks the start of an important revolution, so also is each a mirror to Divine disposal of power and to the universal Divine bounties within that disposal. Thus, more glorification and extolling of the All-Powerful One of Glory have been ordered at those times, and more praise and thanks for all the innumerable bounties accumulated between each of the times, which is the meaning of the prescribed prayers. In order to understand a little this subtle and profound meaning, you should listen together with my own soul to the following five ‘Points’.


1. Qur’an, 30:17-18.

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First Point: The meaning of prayer (salah). The relation of the words in tasbihat (glorifications) with the prayer.

Second Point: The meaning of worship. The meanings that words and actions in prayers (salat) express.

Third Point: Salah as the index of all varieties of worship.

Fourth Point: The equivalents of five daily prayers in the life of man, world and universe and the relations among these times.

Fifth Point: What meanings does a person who performs five daily prayers in times that each one indicates specific periods in the life span of man and universe express?

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