First Point: The meaning of prayer (salah). The relation of the words in tasbihat (glorifications) with the prayer.


The meaning of the prayers is the offering of glorification, praise, and thanks to Almighty Allah. That is to say, uttering “Glory be to Allah” by word and action before Allah’s glory and sublimity, it is to hallow and worship Him. And declaring “Allah is Most Great” through word and act before His sheer perfection, it is to exalt and magnify Him. And saying “All praise be to Allah” with the heart, tongue, and body, it is to offer thanks before His utter beauty. That is to say, glorification, exaltation, and praise are like the seeds of the prayers. That is why these three things are present in every part of the prayers, in all the actions and words. It is also why these blessed words are each repeated thirty-three times after the prayers, in order to strengthen and reiterate the prayers’ meaning. The meaning of the prayers is confirmed through these concise summaries.

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Second Point: The meaning of worship. The meanings that words and actions in prayers (salat) express.

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