What are the virtues of Tahajjud Prayer?

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What are the virtues of Tahajjud Prayer?
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There are so many narrated hadiths (Our Prophet’s (pbuh) sayings and deeds) about the virtue of the tahajjud prayer. One of the meanings of a hadith among them is as follows:
When one third of the night remains, every night, Our Lord, Allah, the All-Mighty says as follows till the dawn to break:
‘Whoever wants me something, I shall give. Whoever supplicates to me, I shall accept his/her pray. Whoever repents, I shall forgive him/her
The narrator of that hadith Hazrath Ebu Hurayra (may Allah grant him peace) adds the following sentence:
For this reason, the companions of Our Prophet (pbuh) used to prefer performing prayer at the end of the night rather than before the night.” (Ibni Mace, Ikamatu’s-Salat: 182).
Generally, there are so many sound and actual Sunnah narrations in the hadith books about reviving the nights with worship. One part of those narrations are generally about the virtue of the night prayers (Muslim, 1163; Tirmizi, 438...)

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