What are the things that are not shown patience and consent?

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What are the things that are not shown patience and consent?
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As a moral concept, patience, has the meaning of resistance, endurance lexically, means not to complain to anyone but Allah (SWT), not to grumble or groan about the calamities that befall, but thinking the worldly and otherworldly benefits on the face of difficulties and unpleasant things that are difficult to endure so as not to derogate the psychological balance.

Patience starts after man has done everything necessary.

While consent means “being content, satisfied with, accepting and choosing” lexically, in Islamic Sufism, it is defined as peace and silence of heart on the face of fate’s bitter consequences.

Generally, consent expresses not to protest the decree and qada. It is not necessary to accept a wrong thing because giving consent to cruelty is cruelty and giving consent to unbelief is unbelief.

It is not appropriate to show patience and consent oppression and injustice, to an illness without seeking treatment and to poverty without working and to similar problems without trying to escape from them.

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