What are the signs showing that our worship is accepted?

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I perform worshipping regularly; but what are the signs showing that my worship is accepted by our Lord?
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Dear Brother / Sister,

There is no definite decree regarding the issue. However, there are some signs of it. They are as follows: a person sees himself away from sins; he feels that the joy in his heart lessens; he feels the power of Allah Almighty on everything that he looks at; he approaches good people and moves away from bad people; he regards very few worldly things as a lot and a lot of deeds for the hereafter as very few; he keeps his heart busy with what Allah rendered fard; he controls his tongue; he always thinks; he always regrets about the bad things he did.

A person who performs worshipping as much as he can should not think about whether his worshipping is accepted or not; he should think about his duties.

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