What are the four basic principles of the Quran?

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When Badiuzzaman Said Nursi states that the Quran has four aims, he lists them as follows: ”Oneness, Prophethood, Resurrection and Justice”.

The Quran informs people about many realities like creed, worship, ethics, sociology, economy, politics, history, law, man, universe and what is beyond universe. We can list the most important of those realities mentioned by the Quran as follows: 

1. The Quran invites all people to believe in the existence and oneness of Allah, that is, the belief of oneness. It determines and settles the power and majesty of Allah in the minds

2. It prohibits people from idolatry and polytheism. He invites people to worship only Allah, who is One, and not to associate any partners with Him.

3. The Quran calls people to knowledge, wisdom and meditation. It prohibits people from living in heedlessness and unconsciousness. It wants them to pay attention to the power and wisdom of Allah and to view the universe and events in order to take lessons.

4. It gives people information about some prophets sent to people and their style of guidance and conveying the message to their ummahs. It tells us to take lessons from the states of the previous ummahs.

5. It tells people not to be enslaved by their souls, not to prefer the world to the hereafter and not to forget that they are in a test in the world at any moment.

6. It advises Muslims to persevere in their religion to follow and defend the truth, and to be strong against their enemies.

7. It informs people about the basic principles to follow in social economic and political life and about the principles of happiness.

8. It advises people moral values ​​such as justice, straightforwardness, humbleness, love, compassion, benevolence, pardoning, good manners and equality. It prohibits people from persecution, betrayal, arrogance, stinginess, revenge, hard-heartedness, prostitution and harams.

9. It states that the laws that Allah imposed in the universe will not change and that it is necessary to comply with these laws for success. It also states that nothing other than man’s own effort and work will be good for him.

10. It states that those who follow Islam will go to Paradise and those who do not will go to Hell. It tells us that this world is a place of testing that will enable man to gain eternal Paradise and happiness in the hereafter.

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