Was Hazrat Yusuf (Joseph) (pbuh) more beautiful than Muhammad (pbuh)? Which one was more beautiful?

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Was Hazrat Yusuf (Joseph) (pbuh) more beautiful than Muhammad (pbuh)? Which one was more beautiful?
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No, the Prophet Muhammad was the most beautiful of all people. Muhammad pbuh, is the most perfect human being in creation as well as ethics. As it is not possible to see the whole perfection of him  in another person, the perfection of  his physiognomy is deemed as an evidence of his prophethood  and  is written  with other evidences of prophethood.

Among Prophets, Yusuf (pbuh) was renowned for his beauty and this side of him became a parable. On the other side, our Honorary Lord of the Universe (Muhammad (pbuh)) for whom the  whole universe was created, is the most beautiful of all of those who were created and who will be created.

As a matter of fact, in a narration attributed to Imam Qurtubi, this fact is described as follows:

"The facial beauty of the Messenger of Allah has not been completely evident. If the whole beauty of his body had been visible fully , his Companion, would not have been able to look at him. (see Peygamberimizin Şemaili, Prof. Dr. Ali Yardım)

For instance, in the work of Qadi Ayyad (Iyad)  named ‘ash-Shifaʾbi-Taʿrifi Huquq al-Mustafa, all of the qualities of Hazrat Muhammad were compiled and they were accepted as the proofs of his prophethood in a sense. Likewise, Bayhaqi also displayed a similar approach in his work called Dala'il al-Nubuwwah.

However, physical beauty is not peculiar to Hazrat Muhammad only. For example, It is reported that one of the Companions, Jarir b. Abdillah, also had the same beauty (handsomeness).

As for the Prophet (Muhammad), he was far superior to anybody including Yusuf (Joseph) and he was definitely unique with his ethics.  The evidence of his prophethood is not only his physical perfection but also his ethical perfection. (see Hz. Peygamberin Şemaili, Prof. Dr. İbrahim Bayraktar)

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