Are there any hadiths of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) about Hz. Yusuf?

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Are there any hadiths of the prophet Muhammad (pbuh) about Hz. Yusuf?

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There is very little information about Hz. Yusuf in hadiths and Hz. Yusuf is mentioned with some of his characteristics only. Yusuf is described as “Karim’s son karim’s son karim’s son karim, Ibrahim’s son Ishaq’s son Yaqub’s son Yusuf” and he is stated as the most generous (karim) one among people since his great-grandfather Ibrahim (Abraham), grandfather Ishaq (Isaac) , father Yaqub (Jacob) and Yusuf (Joseph) himself were prophets one after the other. The Prophet stated that he met Yusuf on the third layer of the sky. (Musnad, II, 96, 416; III, 148; Bukhari, Badʾul-Khalq, 6, Anbiya, 8, 14, 19; Tajrid Translation, IX, 213)

Majduddin Ibnul-Athir explains the nobility of Hz. Yusuf as the fact that he was a prophet, had knowledge, beauty, chastity, high ethics, justice, worldly and otherworldly leadership. (an-Nihaya, “krm” item)

After it is stated in the hadith that Hz. Yusuf himself, his father Hz. Yaqub, Hz. Yaqub’s father Hz. Ishaq and Hz. Ishaq’s father Hz. Ibrahim were noble and generous people, the following is added: “If I had remained in prison as long as Yusuf remained, I would have accepted the call of the person who brought the order to leave prison.” After that, the Prophet read the following verse (Yusuf 12/50): “But when the messenger came to him, (Joseph) said: ‘Go thou back to thy lord, and ask him, ´What is the state of mind of the ladies who cut their hands?’” (see Musnad, II, 326; Bukhari, Tafsir, 12/1, 5; Tirmidhi, Tafsir, 12/1)

 “Yusuf remained in prison for a long time because he wanted his friend who left prison to mention his name in the presence of his master, expecting help from a being other than Allah.” This narration reported from the Messenger of Allah through Ibn Abbas (Tabari, XII, 291-293) was not regarded as reliable since there were weak and unreliable narrators in the chain of narrators. (Ibn Kathir, IV, 28; Haythami, VII, 40)

The chapter of Yusuf is a chapter given to the Messenger of Allah instead of Psalms and one of the chapters that Hz. Umar read in the morning prayers. (Ibrahim Ali, p. 256-257)

“Teach the chapter of Yusuf to those who are gentle and soft-hearted among you. Allah Almighty alleviates the pains of death of a person who reads this chapter and teaches it to his family members and servants; He gives him the strength not to envy Muslims.” (Zamakhshari, III, 331; Baydawi, II, 331)There are scholars who say this hadith is fabricated. (Zamakhshari, notes of publishers, see I, 684-685; III, 331; Trablusi, II, 499)

There is detailed information about Hz. Yusuf in tafsir books, history books, stories of prophets and Yusuf and Zulaykha mathnawis.

In a hadith, the Prophet states that he saw Yusuf in Miraj like a full moon. (Tha‘labi, p. 83)

A type of quilted turban attributed to Hz. Yusuf is mentioned along with a turban and a knife obtained among the holy relics when Egypt was conquered attributed to him. (Evliya Çelebi, X, 122-124)

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