Were all of the prophets removed from their countries by unbelievers?

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Were all of the prophets removed from their countries by unbelievers?
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It is not possible to examine the situation of a hundred and twenty-four thousand prophets and analyze whether all of them experienced migration or not as you would appreciate. Besides, we can say that the large part of prophets mentioned in the Quran was forced to migrate/ leave their countries directly or indirectly. It is possible to learn from the Quran, the -direct or indirect- migration of Hz. Noah, Hz. Ibrahim, Hz. Lut, Hz. Ismail, Hz. Ishaq, Hz. Yaqub, Hz. Yusuf, Hz. Mosa, Hz. Aaron, Hz. Ayub, Hz. Isa, Hz. Muhammad (pbuh). Hz. Zakariyya and Hz. Yahya had already been expelled from their world country.

The following dialog gives some hints regarding this issue: Waraqa b. Nawfal said to Hz. Muhammad, ‘’When your tribe removes you from your country, I wish I would be alive to help you.’’ And as a response, Hz. Muhammad asked, ‘’Will they remove me from my country?’’ Waraqa answered, ‘’Yes; there is no one who brought the facts such as yours and who did not face hostility.’’ (see, Bukhari, Bad'ul Wahy, 3)

It is not wrong to judge by taking into consideration one aspect of a decree. Viewed from this aspect, it is not wrong to consider migration as a predestined adventure for prophets.

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