Until what age are parents responsible for their children’s worship?

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- Should a parent say to his/her son/daughter “worship” constantly, that is, throughout life?
- Is this responsibility valid until the child leaves the house, or is there a certain age limit?

The Answer

Dear Brother / Sister,

It is the duty of the parents to give religious education to their children. Parents who neglect this duty will be responsible for the mistakes their children make. However, if the child has been given the necessary religious and ethical education, the child is responsible for his own sins; the responsibility of the parents is removed.

It is not an effective method to put pressure on the children who are old enough to distinguish between good and bad. When appropriate, we should give them advice with soft words and try to make them read books about the importance of worship. One of the important aspects that the child is affected by is his environment. In this respect, children’s participation in religious talks and making friends with people who worship will be effective in making them tend to worship.

If the family has done its duty, the child will be responsible for the mistakes he will make after he reaches the age of puberty and sanity. Parents will not be responsible. However, there is no limit in enjoining what is good and forbidding what is evil. You need to make those suggestions throughout your life.

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