Under what conditions is it permissible to write a love poem?

The Details of the Question

- Does it matter if a person writes a poem for his/her spouse?
- What should the reader do if he does not know to whom the poem was written?
- For example, is it haram to write something like this in the poem: “You held my hand that day”?
- Does the decree change if a person writes a poem to his/her spouse?
- If the reader comes across an expression like the one above in a poem, should he not read that poem?
- Or should he have a good thought by thinking as follows: “Maybe the person to whom the poet wrote the poem is his/her spouse”?
- How are the poems that are not clear to whom they were written (one’s spouse or a stranger) be evaluated?

The Answer

Dear Brother / Sister,

Love poems are written for human love and divine love.

The ones written for human love are not often written for one’s spouse.

A love poem is read because of its literary value. When it is in question to read or send it to a certain person, that person must be your spouse or there must not be any probability of sexual interest.

For example, you can send or read a beautiful love poem to your spouse or to a friend of the same gender with literary taste.

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