How can you explain that the Holy Quran is a miracle and even a single letter of Its cannot be changed?

As known, words become means to meanings and literary devices. What substantial is meaning. Although all of us know our own languages, why cannot we offer a better work than a literary masterpiece written in our own language? That is to say that, capacity is not in words but in the art and knowledge of men of letters who use them properly. In Arabic expression of the truths of Quran, there is an exceptional feature. It is especially rich in words that belong to the field of heart and emotion.

However, no Arabian man of literature has been able to write a work as good as the Quran. Because there is sanctity in Quran, which is far beyond Arabic language. What cannot be imitated is that sanctity. And that lies in the Qurans being the words of Allah (SWT). The geniuses of eloquence grasped this aspect and even tasted and took pleasure in it. We are able to grasp the same aspect to some extent by bringing examples from another book of Allah (SWT), which is the book of the universe.

If elements were considered letters, men can make some works from them. As for Allah (SWT), He makes humans, animals, trees etc. from the same elements. Now there is a divine art, a divine power and will, which goes beyond the elements. What cannot be imitated is this.

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