Is treatment with hypnosis appropriate in terms of our religion? Is treatment with hypnosis useful? Or, is it a product of Satan or imagination?

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Is it a sin to have hypnosis done? Some people undergo hypnosis in order to cure stress, depression, lack of concentration, lack of motivation and sexual or psychological problems. Is it religiously permissible?
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Dear Brother / Sister,

We do not have any information about our religion prohibiting such a treatment.

The religion of Islam allows all kinds of material and spiritual treatment that are useful for humans and that are not forbidden.

However, there are some issues that people need to be careful about hypnosis, which is a method of treatment that is difficult to control and that can be misused. The person to do it needs to be an expert and a reliable person; that is, he must not misuse it.

You can act in accordance with the advice of an expert and a religious doctor and psychologist regarding the issue.

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