Is there reproduction in Paradise? That is, it is possible to have children there?

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According to the majority of tafsir and Islamic scholars, there is no reproduction in Paradise. However, according to some narrations, it is possible to have children in a way that is different from the worldly life. The Prophet (pbuh) states the following:

“When a believer desires a child in Paradise, he shall be carried, born, and complete his aging in an hour.” (Tirmidhi, Jannah, 23; Ibn Majah, Zuhd, 39; Darimi, Riqaq, 11; Ibn Hanbal, III, 9)

Tirmidhi says this hadith is gharib, attracting attention to its weakness.

According to some scholars, there is sexual life in Paradise but a child will not be born as a result of it. Mujahid, Tawus and Ibrahim an-Nahai hold this view. As a matter of fact, Abu Razin al-Uqayli reports the following from the Prophet:

“People of Paradise will not have children.” (Tirmidhi, Jannah 23, 2566)

Ishaq b. Ibrahim and others say that when a believer wishes a child, he will be born suddenly as he wishes but he will not wish. (Sha’rani, Mukhtasaru Tadhkiratil-Qurtubi, p. 104)

It is understood that the phrase “but they will not wish” is not a part of the hadith but the statement of Ishaq b. Ibrahim and others who reported the statement of the Prophet (pbuh). Otherwise, such a statement (hadith) will be of no significance.

It is clear that to mention something that will not take place in detail as if it will take place is nonsensical. For, if the meaning were like that, the phrases "be carried, born, and complete his aging" would not have been mentioned; only the following expression would have been used: “it would happen if he wished.”

Besides since the conjunction “idha (when)”, which expresses certainty, is used instead of “in (if)”, it shows that what is wished will take place. Thus, in our opinion, such an evaluation is a forced interpretation based on the narration that people of Paradise will not have children.

The narrations regarding the issue can be combined as follows:

- Paradise is not a place of reproduction through pregnancy, etc. in the sense that we know.

- Having a child as in the world does not take place in Paradise. However, one can have a child whenever he wishes.

- It is possible for the children of Paradise to be created at different ages. For, every phase of childhood has a beauty peculiar to it.

- It can be thought that the use of the words wildan and ghilman in the Quran for the children in Paradise indicates this. Thus, it is possible that wildan is used for little children and ghilman is used for young children.

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