Is there any supplication, prayer to be read to find something lost?

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Abdullah, Hazrat Umar’s son, said, “Somebody who loses or has something stolen should perform a two-rakah prayer and then pray as follows:

"Allahumma rabba'd-dallati wa hadiya'd-dallati, rudda alayya dallati bi qudratika wa sultanika. Fa innaha min fadlika wa ataika." (O Allah! The Lord of those who are lost and the Guide who guides those who are lost and who lose their way! For the sake of your power and sultanate, return me the thing that I have lost. It is from your blessing and generosity." (Bostanu'l-Arifin; Bilal Eren, Açıklamalı Dua Hazinesi p. 304)

The following prayer can be said 25 times every day for something that has been lost or stolen: "Ya jami’annasi li-yawmin la rayba fihi innallaha la yukhlif-ul mi’ad ijma’ bayni wa bayna ……". (O the Gatherer of the mankind together against a day about which there is no doubt! For Allah never fails in His promise. Gather me and …… together.) He can read it until it is found. In the places of dots, the thing that is lost is mentioned. (Ibni Abidin)

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