Some useful and harmful bacteria sometimes form though there is no suitable medium. Is it possible for the first living been to have formed by chance?

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For the formation of a living being, another living being that will cause its formation is definitely necessary. It is wrong to claim that any living being can form when there is a suitable medium. As it is known, there was a conviction that living beings formed when there was a suitable medium. However, Pasteur observed that living beings did not form in closed jars in the seventeenth century and showed that a living being could form only from another living being.

Allah can create a living being as a miracle without needing another living being. As a matter of fact, the first creations took place like that; for instance, the creation of Hz. Adam and Hz. Hawwa (Eve). However, this world is a world of testing; therefore, Allah attributed everything to a cause. A mother and father are necessary as causes for the birth of a child. The same thing is valid for a lamb, bird and bacterium. Thus, Allah attributed the formation of a living being to another living being, not a medium, as a cause.

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