Some people object to putting the name Muhammad next to the name Allah. Is it objectionable?

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Some people object to putting the name Muhammad next to the name Allah. Is it objectionable?

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Dear Brother / Sister,

In this mischievous end of time, when people are destroyed spiritually due to disobedience to Allah, some strange people who do not know what or whom they serve criticize putting the blessed name of the Messenger of Allah next to the name of Allah as if they have settled all kind of problems. They even go beyond the limits and say it is shirk (associating partners with Allah).

Since oneness (tawhid) is mentioned, let us put the phrase “la ilaha illa” before Allah and “Rasulullah” after Muhammad, we will see kalima at-tawhid. It is not at all reasonable for those who mention tawhid to oppose something that remind kalima at-tawhid.

Another issue is as follows: When we look at the skies and the earth, we say “Rabbus samawati wal ard (the Lord of the skies and the earth)”. If you put a picture of the sky and the earth on the wall of your house facing the qiblah in order to remember this lofty meaning, will you be regarded to have worshipped the sky and the earth when you perform prayers? Since this is not true, should we not think similarly about the signs on which the name of the Messenger of Allah (pbuh), the four caliphs, and some distinguished Companions are written and which are hung on the walls of mosques?

Instead of keeping your mind busy with insignificant dreams, will it not be more beneficial for you to utter salawat when you see the name of the Prophet? Will it not be better if you remember the Companions and the distinguished ones among them, who formed the first ranks of Islam and who have a great share in our belief and pray for them and if you feel enthusiasm to follow them? When you start to perform a prayer, the places to look at are certain. What is written on the walls should not attract your attention.


Alaaddin Başar (Prof.Dr.)

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