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Is it mandatory to pray friday prayer in a non-muslim country (friday is not a holiday)?
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In regard with Jum’a Prayer (Friday Prayer) which is a very important and an indispensable principle of Islam, the Islamic law scholars of Hanafi sect say: Jum’a Prayer depends on the permission of the admistrators of that place. According to them, permission is accounted as one of the conditions of performing Jum’a and if the permission for Jum’a is not given by the administrators, it is not mandatory to perform it. Other sects’ opinion concerning with performing Jum’a Prayer in a non-Muslim country is: “Jum’a is in no case given up.” Because it is clear with the Qur’an. However, Hanafi scholars say too that Jum’a Prayer, with appointing one person among themselves, can be performed when there is no permission. (Elmalılı Hamdi Yazır, Hak Dini Kur'an Dili, VII, 4983 vd.)

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