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removing hair frm hands and legs is permissible or not in islam
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According to Malikis, it is permissible to remove all the hairs on the body that spoil the beauty or disturb the person – whether male or female -  It is wajib (obligatory) for a woman to remove the hairs that her husband does not like. (Jazari, al-Fiqhu ala’l-Madhahibi’l-arbaa -,  2/45)

According to Hanafis, it is contrary to decency for men to shave the hairs on their backs and chests. (Jazari, ibid.)
It is understood from that expression that to remove the hairs on the back and chest is not haram or tahriman makrooh for Hanafis. It can only be tanzihan makrooh, contrary to decency.

Based on the explanations above, we can say that according to Hanafi and Maliki sects, there is no drawback to removing the hairs on the arms – an organ different from the back and chest - especially for the people who feel really disturbed among people.

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