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Assalam o allaikum I have a problem,after i piss off few drops of urine come out within 10 minutes, do i get Naapak from this?
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Dear Brother / Sister,

Istibra means (for men) to wait until the last trace of urine stops coming out of the penis after urinating. It is wajib (obligatory) to do it.

Traces of urine come out after urinating in everybody. However, it stops more quickly in some people; the traces continue in others for a while. Everybody must try to stop the traces of urine from coming out before making wudu (ablution) by taking his own situation into consideration; after that a person can make wudu. 

What can be done to stop the traces of urine from coming out?

There are various ways of stopping the traces of urine from coming out: To walk for a while, to cough or to move the feet, etc after urinating and then to make wudu can make the last traces of urine come out. Everybody can apply one of those methods by taking his own situation into consideration. What is important is to stop the traces of urine.  

What happens if one makes wudu without making istibra?

Istibra is applied after urinating in order to stop the traces of urine that invalidates wudu. If a person makes wudu without istibra immediately after urinating and if traces of urine come out after he makes wudu, his wudu becomes invalidated without his noticing; and the prayer performed in that situation will not be valid. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to istibra.

The following is stated in a hadith:

"Beware of urine because most of the punishment in the grave is due to it”; thus, Muslims are asked to pay attention to making istibra after urinating.  
Istibra is not necessary for women. It is sufficient for them to wait for a while after urinating before they make wudu.

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