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i would like to know if you die in the month of ramadaan what diference is it to any other month that person dies in and that if he was not a namazi but was good at heart.
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We do not know any narration about the death in the month of Ramadan, but there are narations about the death in friday. In a hadith it is said; "Allah will save the Muslim who dies in friday from the torment and endless questions of the grave." (Tirmizî, Cenâiz: 73; Müsned, 2: 176.)

Allah will subject the Muslims who die in friday and in holy nights to a different kinds of query. For example, in hadiths it is stated that Allah will forgive the believers whose number is equal to the numbers of the sheeps of the "Benikelb Tribe" in the night of Power (laylatul Kadr). Every believers benefits from such a forgivness, but one who is unbeliever and bears enmity.

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