Question 65: Evolutionists mention almost 15 mechanisms that trigger evolution and they say that the percentage of mutation among evolution mechanisms is low.

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Question 65: Evolutionists mention almost 15 mechanisms that trigger evolution and they say that the percentage of mutation among evolution mechanisms is low. Why do you not mention the other mechanisms but always mention only mutation and natural selection?

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Answer: Those who advocated evolution used to show mutations as the main triggering element of evolution until recently. Therefore, mutations were mentioned a lot. They have probably changed their minds now.

In fact, the phenomena that trigger evolution is not 15 as you mention, but hundreds. However, we do not deal with these triggering elements. The number of these triggering elements will increase day by day as a result of scientific studies. For, when you solve a scientific problem, at least ten or fifteen issues to be solved arise. That is, the beings in the universe are not created uniformly; they are virtually like three-dimensional objects. In other words, when you solve a scientific problem, a separate depth of one hundred meters emerges from under it. You make great efforts to understand what is shaped and how it is shaped in that a hundred-meter-deep well. Every problem you solve raises other issues. Therefore, academic studies are generally in depth, not superficial.

Think of the tooth of man as an example. It is a small piece of bone in appearance. However, that piece of bone has made hundreds of people professors. It will make hundreds and thousands more people scientists until the Day of Judgment.  So is the skin of man. Even the hairs on man’s body made thousands of people professors, and it will make so many people scholars until the Day of Judgment.

That is what we want to point out and insist on, and the point where we contradict evolutionists. That is to say, there must be a scholar of this science, which is in the nature of every living being, even every being. The tooth makes hundreds and even thousands of people scholars. Both the structure and the function of the tooth have been determined by science. Understanding and solving this structure makes people scholars. So, there must be a maker of this science, that is the scholar of it. That scholar is Allah, who has infinite knowledge, power and will. Evolutionists, on the other hand, exclude Allah and attribute everything to chance and nature.

Every event has many triggers, not one. What matters is who pulls that trigger. For example, many triggers are needed for the apple tree to yield fruit. First of all, spring should come. Who will bring the spring? A certain amount of heat, light and nutrients are necessary; they need to be transported to cells; and photosynthesis is necessary in leaf cells. For all this, the sun, air and water are necessary. All these and other things we have not mentioned are the triggers of apple. Science shows all these reasons with its own methods. Studies on this will not be over. These studies will continue until Doomsday. What interests us here is who pulls the trigger.

Our lungs have been arranged according to the air in the atmosphere. The one that placed the sun in the sky is the one who places our eyes on our faces. For, our eyes have been programmed to benefit from the sun. The one that makes the tree yield fruits placed the stomach in the body. We understand from all this that the one that triggers, creates, cares and manages the entire universe is Allah, who has infinite mercy, grace and compassion, unlimited knowledge, power and will. After Allah is accepted, it will be seen that all the evolutions, revolutions and changes in the universe are His work. Then, the duties, structures of every being will be searched and revealed by scientists down to the last detail.

Since the current conflict is about the acceptance or rejection of a creator, this unfertile and unnecessary debate takes place in a field such as evolutionary mechanisms or triggers, which does not interest anyone except specialized people. Or, is there any other explanation why these subjects, each of which requires very deep expertise, should concern an ordinary person?

The whole point is to hide Allah from people. In other words, some people who adopt irreligion as their ideology present their wrong philosophers to young people under the name of scientific knowledge. They say, ‘Science tells it; they are scientific facts’. However, science does not say anything like that. They use science for their ideology. Those who have not fully grasped the issuefollow them thinking that what they say is true.

Everyone buys what they like as much as they need in the market. This is the science market. Everyone picks up the things theyneeds from here and act accordingly. As we cannot ask everyone to sell tangerines in the market, we should not expect everyone in the market to market atheism like evolutionists in the science market. While they market atheism, some people give information about Allah. Everyone is free to take whatever they want or not to take.

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