Question 54: How can a person, especially a scientist, deny Allah deliberately?

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Answer: We think when scientists see the system and order in the universe at first glance, they need to accept that it is definitely the work of a creator. However, this is not the case at all. Accepting the existence of Allah is a matter of belief. Not all people are granted belief.

Taftazani defines belief as follows: Belief is the light that Allah throws into the heart of a person that He wishes after that person’s use of his free will

That is, the slave needs to make an effort to understand and know Allah. After that, Allah will grant His light. A person who does not have the light of belief, that is, who does not believe in Allah, sees and perceives everything in the universe as stray, purposeless and meaningless. He sees everything as a stranger and enemy to man, just like a person looking at trees and shrubs at night and likening them to monsters and dragons because he cannot see around in the desolate jungle.

It seems strange that a scientist sees the works of art in the universe, which require a highly artistic and infinite knowledge and power and denies their owner. Is it possible for this big universe to be without an owner while a letter cannot be without a scribe and a needle without a master? It is definitely not possible.

When a few ink spots are put on eyeglasses, they may prevent a big mountain from being seen. Similarly, spots put on the spiritual eye of the heart due to the sins that are committed prevent many truths from being seen.

The sun is luminosity and light. It illuminates and enlightens the places it enters, causing roses, basils, daffodils and tulips to form; the same sun decays and rots the things that are stale.

Similarly, the lights of knowledge that the people whose spiritual worlds have rotten due to sins receive from the universe go out in their worlds. Although every being is a window opening to Allah, it is transformed into randomness and coincidence in such a person’s world. It is no longer possible for them to penetrate the truth. For God Almighty states the following for people like that:

 …They have ears wherewith they hear not; they have eyes wherewith they see not; they have hearts wherewith they understand not. Satan makes their acts seem alluring to them.1

Or thinkest thou that most of them listen or understand? They are only like cattle;- nay, they are worse astray in Path.2

We do not have to defend them. Satan defends them much more. We should not forget that believing in Allah is an issue of belief. The way to believe in Allah is to make efforts in order to know and understand Allah. However, it is not enough. It is necessary for a person to be granted the light of belief by Allah. If you do not use your will in this direction, Allah will not grant you belief. Even when you use your will in this direction, the light of belief still depends on Allah’s grace and mercy. We should not be interested in why Allah does not grant this to others; we should try to thank Him for this grant and belief and be grateful to Him. We should know that there cannot be a greater and more valuable grant and grace than belief in the world and the hereafter. Therefore, to be given this boon shows how valuable we are in the eye of Allah. What we need to do is to try to receive this love and grace. Otherwise, Satan, our soul and bad friends work all the time in order to cause this boon to be removed from us. We should do our best and work very hard so as not to lose this grace and beg Allah not to remove it from us. For, belief enlightens man’s world and hereafter. It makes its owner live in a world like Paradise here.’raf, verse 179., verse 44.

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