Question 24: Why did Allah create bacteria first, a bit more complex living beings after that, plants afterwards, in a way from simple to complex?

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Answer: Allah is wise. That is, there is a lot of wisdom in everything He does. Nothing is random. What Allah creates certainly has more than one useful aspect. The duty of science and scientist should be to show their benefits and wisdom. It should not be to seeka mistake and lack of wisdom and then to attribute Allah’s property to causes and nature. Unfortunately, the supporters of materialist philosophy and those who do not believe in Allahalwaysstate that there is no wisdom and benefit in the creation of beings in order to attribute everything to chance and causes.

It is not possible for everybody to know the purposes of wisdom in the creation of every being. Many of them will be revealed through scientific research over time. That is the task of science anyway. If the purposes and wisdoms of creation of a being have not been scientifically revealed yet, how will people who are not in this field find an answer to it? It is not a wise act to question the wisdom in the creation of every living being all the time and to test whether it is the work of Allah because no matter how much a person knows, it is not possible to know how and why every being was created and to know the purpose and wisdom of their creation. When adequate answers are not found to such questions, some atheists step inunder the name of friendship and so-called science and start to suggest that those beings are not the work of Allah.

Therefore, a person who believes in Allah accepts that every being, from an atom to a galaxy, is the work of Allah. He knows that Allah creates everything with multiple wisdoms and purposes, not one. He accepts that knowing every purpose and wisdom of every being in this sense can only be shown by the people of that field through scientific studies.

Now let us go back to the question above in the light of this information: If multicellular creatures had been created first, the environment would not have been suitable for them; how would those creatures have found food and lived? For example, if the soil had not developed on the ground and there had been no microorganisms, how would the daisy have lived? What would the sheep have fed on in dry mountains and stones without grass? If man had been created before plants and animals, what would he have eaten? Allah created milk in the breast of the mother before the baby was born; similarly, when a suitable environment became ready for certain animals, He created the living beings that could live in that environment during the first creation.

Allah created the universe and the beings in it gradually, that is, step by step. As a matter of fact, the creation today is also gradual. For example, the development of man, who comes to the realm of beings as a cell, is completed in nine months; it takes nine to ten months for a wheat grain thrown into the field to develop and mature.

Since the world is a place of testing, Allah links the creation of all beings to time and a number of reasons. If He wishes, He can create and destroy everything all of a sudden. However, His wisdom, that is, His name Hakim, does not allow it.

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