Is polygamy possible in this age? Can men imitate the Prophet regarding the issue?

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It is necessary to deal with the polygamy of the Prophet (pbuh) taking the conditions of the age he lived in into consideration. Besides, the Prophet (pbuh) married at the age of twenty-five a woman who was 40 years old and lived with her for many years. He did not marry anybody else until his first wife Khadija died.

This marriage of the Messenger of Allah (pbuh) lasted for 25 years. All of his children except Ibrahim were born of this woman. When she died, the Messenger of Allah (pbuh) was 50 years old. That is, the Prophet (pbuh) spent most of his marriage life, his youth and years of maturity only with this woman, who was 15 years older than him.

The polygamy of the Prophet (pbuh) took place after the age of 50 and all of them are based on certain reasons.

If the men living in this age want to imitate the Prophet (pbuh) regarding marriage, they should not forget about his first marriage.

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