Is my child who died of an illness a martyr? Has she reached the degree of martyrdom?

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I read in an article that a person who died of an illness would be martyr. I ask this question to understand it fully: My daughter died as a result of a genetic disease when she was six months old. Has she reached the degree of martyrdom?

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Dear Brother / Sister,

Those who die when they are children are people of Paradise; they will make their relatives, primarily their parents, feel the pleasure of love of children. Therefore, the death of your child is a blessing if you show patience.

The real owner of your child is Allah; he entrusted her to you for a while. He can take her from you whenever He wishes and put her in Paradise based on His wisdom. Thus, a child becomes the eternal child of her parents in Paradise and intercedes for them. What you need to do is to show patience and to accept Allah's decree.

When a child of Paradise dies of an illness, it will cause her to become a spiritual martyr, increasing her right of intercession.

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