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salam. i have a problem that is hard to explain, i will try my best. i am 21 years old and my little cousin is 16, he had his mangnee with my other cousin, who is 14 right now. Both parties agreed when the 2 were babies and they don't know about it yet. i went to visit her and her family, and we have a good friendship. i was wondering if it's ok to ask my parents if they can talk to her side of the family to arrange my marriage with her, without making anyone upset. thankyou and again mysalam
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Dear Brother / Sister,

Majority of the Islamic scholars think that an engagement or a nikah without the consent of the engaged part is not valid, but some says if the nikah is solemnized with the consent of the parents it is valid.

We think that to solemnize a marriage without the consent of the engaged parts is not true especially if the parts are just baby while this marriage was solemnized.

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