Is love and compassion a material element each?

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Love and compassion

For instance, the mass of a cell is one billionth of a gram. However, the science that is observed in that cell, which is too small, fills books. That is why the material body of a cell is almost nothing compared to its scientific body. The cell is virtually the embodied state of this knowledge.

There is probably no doubt about the presence of love and different kinds and degrees of love in the universe. One of the causes of the existence of this universe is also seen as compassion.

Love is the cause of the universe’s existence. And it is the bond of the universe.”1

The noblest and the purest of all loves is compassion, which is above all material and non-material feelings. The presence of common motherly compassion in the universe is confirmed by observations, and the phrase “mother nature” is an expression of it. It is possible to see this compassion even in wild animals.

“[Mercy] makes the hen-birds search out the food and bring it their wingless, frail chicks in the nests at the tops of trees. He subjugates the hungry lions to her cubs, so she does not eat the meat she finds but gives it to them.”2

            The food for the feeling of compassion is to give and receive compassion; that is, to love and to be loved without any preconditions and without expecting anything in return. Therefore, there is no place for compassion in the materialistic philosophy that is based on material interests and pleasures. After all, compassion, which is a very noble feeling, is confused with the lowly physical attraction or lust, and this mix up is presented as science. Compassion shines in the brightest way in mothers, and turns them into statues of embodied compassion.

However, there is no such component as “compassion” in the cells, the basic building blocks of living beings, and hence compassion, whose existence is definite based on experience, is meaning, not matter. In that case, there is a vast layer of ‘compassion’ that is beyond time and space in the universe, and the most compassionate beings are those who receive and scatter the rays of compassion emanating from that layer like a diamond most intensely.

This apparent world of compassion is expressed as a reflection of the divine name ‘Rahim (Most Compassionate)’:

The existence and reality of a boundless mercy is as clearly apparent in the universe as the light of the sun. As certainly as light testifies to the sun, so this extensive mercy testifies to a Most Merciful and Compassionate One behind the veil of the Unseen.”3

And“the compassion of all mothers is but a flash of the manifestation of divine mercy.”4

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