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in the holy quran (surah yusuf 31) allah (swt) mentiones the story of yusuf pbuh and in verse 31 it says:when that woman said to yusuf to enter the party the egypt´s rich women when saw him they said glory to Allah he is not a human he should be nothing but an angel. my question is when the women saw (yusuf)pbuh they said in the verse glory to that time they did not believe in allah then why they said glorry to Allah?explain!!!jazaakallah.
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Although the people of Egypt were polytheists then, that verse indicates that they accept the existence of Allah. The fact that they exonerated Allah and that they likened Hazrat Yusuf to angels shows that they had the belief of Allah and angels. (Vehbi Efendi, Kur’an Tefsiri) The fact that the women exonerated Allah shows that there existed some leftovers of the religion of oneness.

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