It is stated In the Quran that “... (only Allah) knows what is in the wombs...”. However, today the gender of the child can be determined. How should we understand that verse then?

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The baby in the mother’s womb is in a liquid called “amniotic fluid” and grows by being fed from the navel. At this stage, it is possible to learn the gender of the child with some scientific methods.

The most widely used methods are ultrasonography and the methods of examining the cells by extracting 20 cm3 of the liquid the baby is in.

Ultrasonography works with sound waves that are louder than we can hear. Those sound waves are passed through a substance and an image of the baby is obtained. The gender of the baby is determined through the examination of the organs on the screen.

In the second method, cells fall from the baby’s body into the amniotic fluid. 20 cubic centimeters are taken from this fluid. It is stained and examined under a microscope. The gender of the fetus is learned in this way. This method detects the gender of the child correctly with 80-90% probability.

In the verse in question, the phrase “what is in the wombs” is mentioned; and there is no mention of masculinity and femininity.

With the phrase in question, all aspects such as the special abilities of the baby in the mother’s womb, the shape it will take in the future, its face and emotions are meant. Will the baby to be born be a very talented person? What will it be like in terms of faculties such as mind and memory? How will its face, which we know will be different from all other people, be?

We do not know them and many other issues. However, Allah knows all of them, along with many things that we do not know and cannot yet know... In the verse, this aspect and many others are meant.

Thus, even if we know the gender of the baby to be born at a certain stage, there will still be so much we do not know about it... In fact, we will continue to be unable to know most of them after the baby is born.

What we know is only a drop from the ocean compared to what we do not know...

(Assoc. Prof. Mehmet GÜNDÜZ)

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