Is it against science that the Quran says that the bones of the baby are created before the flesh?

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There have been many studies showing that the Quran is a miracle by making use of the discoveries in the positive sciences. However, many scholars, especially Dr. A. Umar Nasif, the Rector of Malik Abdulaziz University in Jeddah, acted cautiously and timidly toward such studies, considering that some of the studies on this subject were inconsistent, due to either not understanding the Quran correctly or being incomplete or wrong in terms of the science in question. In the face of the proposals, they agreed to examine these issues with great care and seriousness, both in terms of religion and science.

Research started at Malik Abdulaziz University. First, it was started with the science of Embryology. The Quran and hadith texts and the explanations made by tafsir and hadith scholars were compiled. Then, they referred to dictionaries to be sure.  Salaf scholars did not make decrees based on only one verse or hadith; they considered all of the hadiths and verses regarding the issue while making a decree. The same method was used in this research too.

The academician, Zindani, who made the results of the examinations the topic of a conference and took part in the study, states the following: After that, we contacted the specialists in the field of anatomy in the second phase; we classified the topics in the light of verses and hadiths.

Without telling those specialists the information we gathered, we asked them, “What is the conclusion of the science on this issue?” Thus, we got information from them on various issues. We were astonished and amazed when we saw that the information they gave was compatible with the religious research.

This issue was repeated, for example, in the case of bones and meat. We asked them, “Are bones or flesh created first in the creation of man in the womb?” All of them said, “Bones and flesh develop at the same time.” However, the Quran did not say so. It said they developed at different times. Then, we asked them to refer to their books. Each of them began to check their books. Later on, they said, one by one, “Excuse us! We were wrong to answer by relying on our memory. Bones are formed first, followed by meat. Since it happened quickly, we thought that they occurred at the same time.” As a matter of fact, the following is stated in the Quran regarding the issue:

“Then We made the sperm into a clot of congealed blood; then of that clot We made a (fetus) lump; then we made out of that lump bones and clothed the bones with flesh; then we developed out of it another creature.’’ (al-Mu’minun, 23/14)

Thus, the issue became clear. Later on, we asked about fifteen world-renowned experts in the field of embryology and gynecology about these issues. We could not find anyone who said anything different.

Later, we learned the name of a man called Bifur, whose research we found among the world-renowned scholars in this field. Although it seemed impossible to meet this person, we had the opportunity to meet him via the Saudi Arabian Cultural Attaché in Canada. Thus, we found him unexpectedly. We asked him eighty questions without ever mentioning the information we had. After he answered them and we recorded those answers, we said: “What you say is present in the Quran and hadiths we have.” Bifur said, “If it is so, it is something amazing!” We said to him: “However, you never mention it in your book. You write that nothing was known about them in the Middle Ages. Yes, that era may be a dark age in the west, but it is a bright age in our country.” Bifur said, “You say you have the evidence, not me. Go on; explain.” Do you know what happened in the end?

Bifur gave a lecture titled “The compatibility of embryology with the information in the Quran and hadith” on the issue in the Medical Faculties of Saudi Arabian Universities; subject. Afterwards, Bifur said: “I will invite all the honest authorities of the issue in the world and explain them the issue as well.” He dictated some names to us and we invited them. They came; we talked to them. The meeting occurred as follows:

In October 1983, the 8th Medical Congress of Saudi Arabia convened. The panel of the meeting featured “Scientific miracles in the Quran and hadiths”. 2,500 physicians attended the congress. Seven physicians from around the world presented and discussed papers in the field of Embryology and Gynecology. Throughout three days, this was constantly repeated: “Medicine discovered this, and the Quran says this”. The state of the fetus (embryo) appeared on the screen, followed by verses and hadiths.

Then, something unexpected happened: Zindani, one of the members of the congress, who saw the incident, started to record it on the video cassette; he described that very exciting scene as if he was watching it again as follows:  

“At the end of the negotiations, Prof. Tataca stood up. (He also took part in the congress studies. He is the head of Embryology Department in Chiang Mai University in Thailand. After he returned to Thailand, he gave a conference at the university explaining the Scientific Miracle in the Quran and Hadiths. Then, he sent us this video cassette. As it can be seen in the cassette, Tataca addressed the academicians of the university and the audience at the end of the conference as follows:) It is time to explain this fact now: “I bear witness that there is no god but Allah and that Muhammad is His messenger. Thus, I declare that I have become a Muslim.”

Then, Tataca said, “All those who have attended the congress here know the truth. They do not reveal what they know. They agree with my opinions but they are afraid of their countries and nations.”

Zindani added the following: “As Tataca declared that he became a Muslim, the audience seemed to be very happy. I was trying to understand what the effect of Islam was on their faces. The joy on their faces should be the expression of their feelings.”

One of the participants in this congress was Prof. Robert Edwards, who carried out the study called “in vitro fertilization”. He followed the speeches related to scientific miracles in the Quran. Finally, he said: “Tremendous, tremendous!” Then, he said to those who accompanied him: “If you think with this method, we should expect a worldwide civilization to emerge in 20-30 years.”

The American Professor Marshall Johnson, whose studies we will mention, expressed his feelings as follows: “If we had these facts, we would declare it everywhere; that is, there would be no one left in the world that we did not inform.”

It was time for another fact that Prof. Marshall discovered in accordance with the Quran.

According to Prof. Marshall, the fetus is formed during the nutfa phase and everything, including a mole on its body, that it will inherit from its parents becomes certain. Thus, at the stage of nutfa, the attributes of the future creature are determined. At this stage, to create means to shape according to a measure. This phase is described in the following verses:

“Woe to man! What hath made him reject Allah? From what stuff hath He created him? From a sperm-drop: He hath created him, and then moldeth him in due proportions.” (Abasa, 80/17-19)

This shaping includes both males and females; it is clearly expressed in the following verses:

“That He did create in pairs,- male and female, From a seed when lodged (in its place).” (an-Najm, 53/45–46)

So, whether the child is a boy or a girl depends entirely on the man’s sperm. It was learned only after the discovery of chromosomes that play a role in gender determination in the 1940s.

Prof. Marshall stated the following while showing the alaqa phase of the fetus:

After a while, nutfa becomes alaqa (clotted blood, water leech, hanging object), then mudgha, that is, meat that looks like chewed with teeth. While he was saying it, he showed the true picture of the fetus with an electron microscope. At the mudgha stage, the fetus is one centimeter long. I will not talk about this phase because my colleague who spoke before me mentioned it. However, I will tell you about the anatomical structure of the mudgha. (While saying it, the professor was showed a true picture. In the picture, it was seen that the head and all the other organs were formed in the mudgha’s initial state. However, these organs had not taken their final shape yet.) We will intervene Prof. Marshall’s words here.  The Quran described this phase as follows:

“... We created you … out of a morsel of flesh (mudgha), partly formed and partly unformed, in order that We may manifest (our power) to you; and We cause whom We will to rest in the wombs for an appointed term, then do We bring you out as babes…” (al-Hajj, 22/5)

 After this stage, it becomes clear whether this being will be born as a baby or not. The great majority of miscarriage cases occur in this mudgha stage. Those who heard these words were astonished as to why it was like that.

In the fifth week, that is, when the fetus is thirty-five days old, the mouth and the nose are not yet completely separated; they are in a state of being intertwined. The eyes are on the sides. The neck is not obvious yet, etc...

Subsequently, in the forty-two-day fetus, the eyes come to the front and the fingers began to appear. The head goes up, the nose begins to separate from the mouth, and the thigh begins to separate from the leg. The ears become prominent and point upwards.

When the fetus becomes eight weeks old, it takes the form of a full human being. This indicates that the work of shaping begins in the seventh week, that is, beginning from the forty-second day.

The following is stated in the Sahih Muslim version of a hadith that is reported through 16 different ways:

“When the nutfa (sperm) that settles in the womb is forty-two days old, Allah sends an angel to give it a shape, creates its eyes, ears, flesh, skin and bones. Then, the angel says, ‘My Lord, will it be male or female?’ Before that, the fetus is a group of mudghas.” (2)

We have seen that the third stage of man’s creation is “molding”. Then comes the vague creation, and then the creation of the organs: The size of an eight-week-old fetus is very small. All of its organs have been created except for the external genitalia; they are not apparent yet. However, the bones are thin and soft; they are not hardened; they are in the state of cartilage; the flesh is pink and transparent. The systems do not function yet; the body has not yet taken its proper shape. For example, the head is one-third of the size of the body. However, this ratio is one-fifth in a child who is fully formed.


This phase starts in the twelfth week. The most remarkable feature of this stage is the development that occurs with the change in the nature of the fetus. Soft bones become hard. Flesh assumes a different shape and takes the shape of muscle. Gender becomes clear and external genitalia appear. In the eighth week, covering the bone with flesh ends. That is, the verse (we clothed the bones with flesh; then, we developed out of it another creature) is realized. Although the fetus remains the same, the nature of its creation changes.

All these are stages that take place in the body. However, there is also the giving of the spirit.

As you can remember, femininity or masculinity became apparent in the nutfa phase. Male and female external genitalia appear between the 11th and 12th weeks. How does it happen?

There is a complete agreement between what the Divine Statement revealed and what science discovered in this issue too because the determination of gender takes place in several stages: In the first one, it is determined at the level of “molding”. There is only the “Y” chromosome as a sign of masculinity. However, there are fetuses that are female in the second stage despite taking the masculinity (Y chromosome) sign and there are also fetuses that are male in the next stage although they take the “X” chromosome. It is not possible to say with one hundred percent certainty that the fetus can be a functioning male or female in the future.


The speaker ended his speech with the following verses:

“Man We did create from a quintessence (of clay); Then We placed him as (a drop of) sperm in a place of rest, firmly fixed; Then We made the sperm into a clot of congealed blood; then of that clot We made a (foetus) lump; then we made out of that lump bones and clothed the bones with flesh; then we developed out of it another creature.” (al-Muminun, 23/12-14)

All this was unknown ghayb that scientists could not see. Yes, it was a ghayb in the womb. However, as it is explained above, it is something that has been observed today.

From Muslim World News

(1) Alaqa: It is a sticky, attached thing. Because of this feature, blood, and especially coagulated blood, is also called alaqa. Because of its stickiness, the leech is also called alaqa. The ability of the leech to stick to and to provide its food in this way is very remarkable here. (cf. Elmalılı, the interpretation of the chapter of al-Alaq)
(2) The hadith is numbered 2645 in Kitabul-Qadar of Sahihu Muslim. In the same place, the hadith numbered 2644 includes the phrase before 40 or 45 days pass and the hadith numbered 2645 includes the phrase ‘40 odd days’; it can be said that this slight flexibility aims to indicate different cases.

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