Is it permissible to open an online lingerie store and sell woman clothing?

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Salaam wa lai kum, I wanted to know if it's haram to open a online lingerie store. I understand that it's not haram to sell women clothing but under what guidelines or rules? The website would consists of images of women wearing the products. There is no nudity on the site. Thank you in advance
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Dear Brother / Sister,

It is religiously permitted to sell women underwear on such a website.

One of the conditions necessary to sell a product is that that product should be available and religiously proper. However, if the product is available, selling or buying a commercial product is permitted in the religion (Majallah art. 127). However, goods that has the other conditions – availability, deliverability and being known – (See Majallah, art 197-204) are permissible to buy and sell under normal conditions.

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