Is it permissible to marry between two eids?

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Is it permissible to marry between two eids? What is the origin of the issue that is talked about a lot among people?

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Some of the issues that are talked about among people are partly or wrongly understood. One of them is the idea, "It is not permissible to have a wedding reception, to marry between two eids."

When conditions and facilities are ready, it is permissible to have a wedding reception/ceremony, to marry any day or time of the year. That is, there is no certain time for marriage. There is no condition like "Marriage is permissible on such days and it is not permissible on such days."

As for the origin of the issue, the incident is as follows:

As it is known along with eid al-fitr and eid al-adha, we also have a weekly eid, that is, Friday. That is, if eid al-fitr or eid al-adha corresponds to Friday and if a marriage takes place on that day and if people may miss the Friday prayer because of being busy with marriage preparations, it is not permissible to marry in that hour on that day.

For, being busy with marriage at this time causes the Friday prayer, which is fard al-ayn to be abandoned. Something evil is done while trying to do something good.

However, if marriage ceremony is held quite a long time before the Friday prayer or after the Friday prayer, it is permissible.

Besides, something like that does not take place. The statement "It is not permissible to marry between two eids" has an origin in history. This belief was common among people, especially among the Arabs of Jahiliyyah before Islam. They regarded marrying in the month of Shawwal, which started after Ramadan, ominous; they married in other months. The Prophet himself eliminated this custom of Jahiliyyah as he did with the other customs. The Messenger of Allah got engaged with Hz. Aisha in the month of Shawwal and married her three years later in the month of Shawwal again. Thus, it became sunnah to marry in the month of Shawwal, which is between two eids. (Muslim, Nikah: 73)

(see Mehmet PAKSU, Kadın, Aile, Hayat, Nesil Yayınları)

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