Is it permissible to kill a fish without cutting it?

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- ​ It is not permissible to kill an animal by burning or drowning it.
- Fishermen do not slaughter the fish they catch; they take them out of the water and wait for them to die where they put them. Is the drowning of the fish not regarded as its death by being kept on the ground without water?
- Is it permissible or halal to eat fish killed in this way, by being kept outside the water?

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Dear Brother / Sister,

Fish, which is an aquatic animal, is halal to eat with the unanimous agreement of the four madhhabs.

It is permissible to eat fish after the dirt in it is removed.

Fish and similar sea animals are not killed by being slaughtered.

Some people kill fish by hitting them on the head. It is not necessary but it is permissible to eat fish even if it is killed by being hit on the head.

Allah is wise. He does not do absurd things; He is merciful; He has plenty of mercy.

When animals are slaughtered so that they will to be halal, if this practice is in accordance with Islam, those animals do not feel any pain; their struggling is for the blood to drain out of them; it does not harm those animals and their souls do not suffer from it.

Similarly, the fact that fish flap after they come out of the water does not mean that they suffer. It can be said that since fish do not need to be slaughtered, they never suffer when they flap.

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