Is it permissible to continue eating and drinking at suhur when adhan is being called?

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What is the time to start fasting in the month of Ramadan? Does it end when adhan starts or when adhan ends at suhur time? Is it permissible to drink water before the adhan ends at suhur time? What should we do when adhan starts to be called while we are drinking water? If this invalidates fasting, does qada or kaffarah become necessary?

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Fasting starts as soon as imsak time starts and when the time for the evening prayer  ends, fasting ends. Therefore, it is not appropriate to eat and drink until adhan ends at the time of suhur. If adhan is read just in time, it is necessary to stop eating and drinking as soon as it starts.  

If adhan is read when imsak time starts and if a person continues eating and drinking, he needs to perform one day as qada if it is not deliberate. However, if he knows that his fasting will be invalidated but he continues eating, kaffarah also becomes necessary.

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